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Run your business on the go. VATWiz keeps your accounts organised in the cloud. Track sales, send invoices and see how your business is doing any time and anywhere.

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VATWiz uses advanced safeguards and encryption to keep your data private and protected.

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Make better decisions faster with your financial data on-hand at all times. See info like bank balances and transactions, for a more up-to-date and accurate view of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Accounting Software, also known as online accounting software, is accounting software that helps you maintain your books of accounts online. Unlike the traditional accounting software installed on your desktop, computing accounting software is hosted on a remote server rather than a server on your business premises. It is based in the cloud instead of being installed on your computer.
In cloud accounting software, the accounting data is sent on the cloud, processed on a remote server, and then returned back to you as a user. In simple terms, cloud accounting software allows users to access software applications through the internet or other networks through a cloud application service provider.
Cloud accounting software allows for scaling up to cloud capacity, accessing financial information on the go and facilitating collaboration among multiple users.
Cloud-Based Accounting Software releases regular software updates for security as well as the latest accounting features. Such updates make your financial data safe and also give you the advantage of the new-age functionality. This saves you time and helps you take your small business to the next level.
Working on cloud lends mobility, provides data security, saves time and cost, brings automation, and prevents data loss & gives you mobility, ensures data security and helps you save cost.
From the smallest downtown laundromat to the largest Fortune 500 company, your business can benefit from implementing cloud accounting. Whether you have one employee or 1,000 – even if you are the only employee – cloud accounting software like VATWiz can help you manage your payroll expenses, tax remittances and other business expenses.

Nothing stays the same forever and everyday new technologies are being developed that will impact the future of small businesses. From the help of AI to continued integrations, the future of cloud-based accounting systems has never looked brighter.

As a business owner, you need accounting software that helps you save time, increase productivity and the one that is cost-effective. You simply cannot rely on traditional accounting software as there are chances of committing data entry errors, subjecting financial information to data loss and viruses as a result of storing it in hard drives and USB devices, and shelling out huge amounts of money on data backups devices and software updates. Thus, if you are still dependent on traditional accounting software, it’s time to switch to cloud-based accounting platforms.

When you use VATWiz Online, your data is stored on our servers in the cloud. We know that data is one of your company’s most valuable assets, so we go to great lengths to protect it.

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